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このウェブサイトはHyper Guitars-ハイパーギターズおよびその関係会社が運営しています。お客様が当サイトをご利用になる際に、前もってご了解いただきたいことや参考になることを表記いたします。

1. 著作権などについて/About copyrights




The (I say contents as follows) such as a document / a photograph / an illustration / an animation / music / software on the Hyper Guitars site is protected by the copyright which Hyper Guitars and the company concerned and the third person have. As for all of Hyper Guitars site use, only for an individual or a case for the purpose of what I use in the limited range that, in addition, follow this in the home can reproduce contents by downloads. In addition, it is necessary to reproduce it in the state that I referred the copyright indication concerned to when Hyper Guitars or the copyright indication of the third person is referred to contents. When an individual use condition by the copyright holder is shown in the individual contents even if it is a case except the reproduction by the above purpose, I follow the condition concerned and can use it.

Without the consent of the copyright holder, I adapt contents unless in the case of the above and Copyright Act determine it and cannot use the public transmission of a message in no purpose, the state.

We or the copyright of the third person, a patent right, trademark rights others are not things consenting to any kind of right about contents on the Hyper Guitars site, and it is not what kind of thing which it guarantees about the contents of contents on the Hyper Guitars site.

2. 個人情報の取扱い方針について/About the handling policy of the personal information

個人情報を適切に管理することにに努めます。詳しくは右記をご覧ください。 プライバシーポリシー

I try to boil that I manage the personal information adequately. Look at the right note in detail. Privacy Policy

3. クッキー(Cookies)の利用について/About the use of the cookie

クッキー(Cookies)とは、ウェブサイトがお客様のコンピュータに送信してくるデータファイルで、お客様が再度訪れたときに、ウェブサイトがお客様のコンピュータから読み取ることができます。 当サイトでは、一部のページでクッキー(Cookies)の仕組みを利用して、お客様が毎回入力する手間を省いたり、お客様が訪れたページの履歴情報などを収集することがあります。

When cookie (Cookies) is the data file that a website transmits to the computer of the visitor, and a visitor came again, I can read a website from the computer of the visitor. I use structure of cookie (Cookies) in some pages and, in this site, omit the trouble that a visitor inputs every time, and there is a thing collecting the history information of the page that a visitor visited.
I cannot get the personal information of the visitor by cookie (Cookies). In addition, the visitor can refuse a receipt of cookie (Cookies). In this case there is the case that cannot use one part of the service that this site sponsors.

4. SSL(セキュア・ソケット・レイヤー) について/About SSL(secure socket layer)

当サイトでは、お客様が個人情報などを安心して入力していただけるように、個人情報を入力するページに暗号化技術の SSL(セキュア・ソケット・レイヤー) を導入しております。

It is SSL of the cryptographic technology on the page a visitor has you input personal information in peace in this site, and to input personal information into(A secure socket layer) I introduce.
The data input in SSL flow through the network to a computer of the registration future after it was coded with PCs of a thing of the use.

5. 当サイトおよび当サイト内での情報内容の変更などの可能性/This site and the possibility such as the changes of the information contents in this sites


I change this site or the contents on this site without a notice, and there are a revision, deletion, a thing stopping it. We are not the promising things not a thing bearing duty to update information printed in this site. About any kind of information of this site, please always understand that it is not a thing reflected by the latest information.

6. JavaScript および スタイルシートについて/About JavaScript and Style sheet

当サイト上では、JavaScriptおよびスタイルシートを使用しています。ご覧になる際にはブラウザ設定でJavaScript およびスタイルシートを有効にしてください。

On this site, I use a JavaScript and a style sheet. When I look at it, please validate a JavaScript and a style sheet by browser setting.

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